A message to registered volunteers, current as of 02/11/2020:

Thank you all for volunteering to assist with the Special Olympics on Feb 22, 2020. We are just under two weeks away from the event. If you provided an email address when you registered, you will receive periodic emails regarding updates to the event schedule and reporting times for volunteers for the event. Below are the latest report times and additional information you need to be aware of: 

If you volunteered for pre set-up on Feb 15, we will need you at the Pavilion at Terrace Lakes at 12:00 PM...bring a snow shovel if you have one! On this day, we will be doing a lot of heavy work (shoveling snow, emptying the pavilion of items, moving in tables/chairs, etc). This will probably last from 12:00 PM to 3:00 or 4:00 PM. 

If you volunteered for set-up on Feb 21, please show up at the Pavilion at 12:00 PM on that day. We expect to be setting up last minute items and any other items needed for the event the next day. Expect to be working from 12:00 PM to about 4:00 PM or 5:00 PM. 

If you volunteered for be part of the Event Staff on Feb 22 (timers, recorders, stagers, assisting athletes, etc), you will need to arrive at the Pavilion at Terrace Lakes at 7:30 AM (no later than 8:00 AM if you are on Garden Valley time). The reason for the early arrival is that the Special Olympics staff needs assistance as soon as they arrive in setting up the events....you will also be assigned to specific events at that time if you volunteered for event staff. 

If you volunteered for set-up on Feb 22, your report time is also adjusted to 7:30 AM (no later than 8:00 AM if you are on Garden Valley time). We will be setting up quite a bit of stuff the day before, on Feb 21, so hopefully there isn't much left to do the morning of Feb 22 but just in case, we are asking for the earlier report time. We will most likely need to pull two people from the set-up crew to help us with directing traffic/parking from about 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. 

If you volunteered to help with food service on Feb 22, your report time is 10:00 AM. We expect to be feeding the athletes around 12:00 or 12:30, so this will give us plenty of time to get set up and ready to serve them. 

If you volunteered for clean-up on Feb 22, we will do a minor/overall clean-up following the awards ceremony, estimated to be around 3:00 PM but it could be later. 

If you volunteered for clean-up on Feb 23, the day after the event, please show up at 10:00 AM at the pavilion. 


PLEASE BE AWARE PARKING WILL BE EXTREMELY LIMITED. We are expecting over 80 cars consisting of athletes, parents, observers, and volunteers. If you arrive early (7:30 AM) you will be able to beat the incoming athletes, their parents, and Special Olympics Idaho staff. Beginning about 7:45 AM, we will have a few folks out directing parking to try and have some assemblence of order. IF YOU ARE A VOLUNTEER, IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU PARK IN THE RV LOT. To get to the RV lot, turn on Warm Springs Road (just past the FIRST set of mailboxes, turn right after the red house then bear left and you're on Warm Springs Road), then you will notice an open area/lot on the left about 200 yards up from the turn on to Warm Springs....this is the RV lot. You can park there and then cross the walking bridge over the creek to the Terrace Lakes Lodge (we are attempting to clear this walking bridge of snow; in the event we are unable to do so, you might have to walk around). If you can't find the lot, ask one of the parking volunteers to direct you. 

A question has been asked regarding whether or not the event will still occur if we still have significant snow melting. The most recent answer from Special Olympics staff was that they don't need much snow to hold the events and if the snow was too little or non-existent, they would just have a party for the athletes that came up...in that event, we would figure out how many volunteers we actually needed to feed the athletes and clean up, and release those that weren't needed. 

Thanks for volunteering. If you have any questions, feel free to email John Jansen at gardenvalleybrewing@gmail.com; you can also email Julie Walz at jwalzie24@gmail.com or Pari Chapman at gregandpari@live.com . If anything changes, we will be sure to let you know.